Spiritual Awakening – Ladybug Landing

Today’s Note to Self ~Remember today that a surprise visit to a friend in need, may be all it takes to lift them from despair to a tiny glimmer of hope … and beyond~

It was Sunday late afternoon, as I was busily hanging out the washing on our makeshift clothes line of a piece of plastic rope tied between the pine trees, when I received a visit from a most beautiful little creature … a lady bug! She landed on the side of the washing basket and proceeded to scamper back and forth in the sunlight, shining her magnificence to the world. It never ceases to amaze me how the creator of this universe, thought to make this tiny little creature with a gorgeous orangy red body, then paint on little black spots, and to top it all off … give it angel wings to fly … simply sensational!!!

The ladybug supposedly got her name in the Middle Ages, when Catholic farmers’ crops were saved by these wonderful little creatures who can eat enormous quantities of aphids in a very short space of time; the farmers prayed to “Our Lady,” and started calling the bugs the “Beetles of Our Lady.” Not sure how an insect this tiny could make such a huge difference, but obviously it can! Now for me, ladybugs symbolise love, protection and good luck, so I was very happy to have her land on my washing basket!

Message from Nature Spirits:

When a ladybug lands in your life, it is a sign from the universe that you are being protected, and that you are safe as you work hard to bring your dreams into your physical reality. If a tiny ladybug appears, she is asking you to find joy and happiness in your work and to share your creativity with others. What beautiful messages and gifts from such a tiny creature to make your heart jump for joy.

But below that tough little shell that protects the finest wings, is held a much bigger message for you to hear and embrace! You also hold the power to bring so much love and protection to others lives. How do you do this? By giving the gift of yourself to a friend in those times when they feel all is lost, and they are not sure if they can go on. Land softly in their heart and offer protection from the harshness of their circumstances with a hug, a smile and a listening ear; they will instantly feel that their luck has turned, and tiny spots of hope will appear. So, be the ladybug in a friends life today … the rewards will be rich beyond compare! You are sensational!



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